Friday, June 10, 2011

Lessons Learned

I have been participating in a collaboration with another artist, and it has been both challenging and rewarding. Neither of us are printmakers, but we set printmaking as the technique for this collaboration. Each of us added the initial print(s) to several pieces of paper, then we swapped and printed on each other's work. I have learned a few things from this endeavor:

1. It is scary to work on someone else's work!
2. Less is more. The simple, minimalistic prints were much more effective.
3. I have a lot to learn about how the design on my printing plate will transfer to the paper.
4. I want to keep experimenting with printmaking.
5. Fluid acrylics do not work for monoprinting.
6. The reason I love collage is because I can rearrange and add and remove the elements before it becomes a final design. Printmaking is not so forgiving!

After our collaboration was over, I was ready to return to a medium that is more familiar. This is a watercolor that was done except for adding the black background and a bit more shading. I am pleased with it, but I can also see where it can translate to a woodcut print. I guess printmaking is still on my mind!


Cynthia Schelzig said...

yeah really I thought at first it was a print looks fabulous with all the light on the stalks...I really like it!

Robbie said...

I thought it was a photo!! Very nice and yes, it would make a great print!