Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stone Faced

I find it interesting how many times my morning collage reflects my subconscious without my knowledge. This morning collage was created on a rainy morning when I was feeling like I had to remain very stoic for those around me. Looking back, it is obvious that my mood was reflected in my choice of collage materials that morning.


Carol Blackburn said...

One can read alot of things into this one, Karen. It reminds me of how I feel sometimes having so many things going on in my brain and not knowing which to start first and then starting something an forgetting I started it and moving on to another task. I guess you'd call that "Scatter Brained."

Anonymous said...


Robbie said...

This is a rather 'deep' collage piece. But as the previous person wrote, "stikeing"! that is is!