Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cute Potato is Here!

Cute Potato was created by an artist friend, Beate Knappe, and then sent on a journey around the world. She is traveling with a suitcase and pillow, and along the way other artists have added accessories to her traveling bag. She has also picked up some traveling companions.

Cutie started her journey in Germany, traveled around Europe, then headed to the United States. From here, she will travel to Australia and New Zealand before heading home to Europe.

Cutie arrived at my house this week, and opening her box was like Christmas morning. There were so many goodies from all of her travels, and it was wonderful to look through her travel journal and see all the photos of the places that she has been. So far, she has been helping me in the studio, but tomorrow we are leaving on a short trip to a B&B.


Walk in the Woods said...

Cutie is having quite the adventure and meeting lots of new friends … and sharing love at every stop. Sweet!

Jacq said...

I glad she made it. Hugs to her.