Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Week of Little Things

It has been a week since I met the transport and picked up Keaton and Quincy, and it has been a week filled with challenges and triumphs. We never thought we would have 4 little dogs running around our house and yard at once. At times it is a zoo, and at times we hardly know we have any dogs here. Mostly it has been a week filled with little things --- like watching Keaton and Quincy race around the yard (probably for the first time in their lives), like watching Keaton roll in the grass almost every time we take him outside (we can just see his pleasure at the feel of the grass on his little body), like watching Quincy actually start to look at us (instead of cowering in the corner with his head turned away), like feeling Keaton's kisses on our hand as we scratch his back and ears (probably the first kisses he has ever given anyone). Yes, they are little things, but they are huge triumphs for these little guys, and we have had a week filled with little treasures like this!


Marty's Fiber Musings said...

What sadness you've uncovered with new gladness! A joy to see them smile as they scamper!

Carol Blackburn said...

Love how the breeze blows back the hair on their faces. Bathing must be lots of fun, too.

Walk in the Woods said...

Such love!