Monday, March 07, 2011

My life has gone to the dogs....

This is Keaton, a little 7 month old Yorkshire terrier. He is from a puppy mill in Kansas that closed, and he's one of our new fosters. He is quickly becoming a "momma's boy", following me around in the house and the yard.

And this is Quincy, our other foster puppy. Quincy is a 6 month old Yorkshire terrier, from the same puppy mill as Keaton. I didn't want to have to choose between them, so I agreed to take them both. Quincy is more timid, but I have no doubt that he will learn that he is loved.

Quincy's coloring is more like Zeke's, and Keaton's coloring is more like Mya's. When all four of them are out in the yard, we almost feel like we are seeing double!

This handsome guy is Teddy, a cairn terrier/pomeranian mix that I photographed yesterday. He is very friendly, cuddly, and photogenic!

All of these boys are available for adoption from Wag N Train Terrier Rescue.


Carol Blackburn said...

They are adorable, Karen and will melt someone's heart soon.

Robbie said...

Just so sweet!!!! So glad they were let's hope they have one more rescue in their lives!! Thanks goodness for you!!!!

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

I'm sure they will all find a great forever home, and until they do, they will be loved here in their foster home.