Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Life Has Gone to the Dogs!

I don't know how it happened, but rescue dogs have taken over my life, or at least this week of it!

Many of you will remember Chili, my little foster chihuahua. This is a photo of her that her forever mom sent me yesterday, featuring Chili in her new "smoking jacket". I could not be more thrilled with the couple that adopted Chili, and I appreciate all the photos and videos that they continue to share with me. AND tomorrow I will get to see Chili again for a short visit!

This is Bounder, a German shepherd/lab mix puppy, available for adoption from Helping Hand 4 Animals. He is one of the puppies that I photographed for the rescue on Tuesday. ADOPTED

And this is Gia, one of two little beagle puppies that I also photographed on Tuesday for Helping Hand 4 Animals. All of the puppies were so adorable! ADOPTED

And these two little guys are malteses that needed transport and foster homes. I will be driving to Iowa tomorrow to pick them up and bring them back here to their new foster homes. They will be available for adoption through Wag N Train Terrier Rescue.

But today I am taking a "me" day and painting in my studio! TJ, our current foster puppy, is recovering from his neuter yesterday, so he is pretty mellow for a change. It should be a quiet day around here --- perfect for adding more paint to some projects on my work table.


Sandy said...

I love your work anyway, but it is so refreshing to look at puppy photos rather than cats! LOL NOT a cat person. :) It makes me crawl to think of cats laying all over people's work.

I think if I was not in the UK we would have several new puppies here after looking at your blog.

But Pepper is my friend, so she will do. here are some photos - she is nearly 12.

Sandy in the UK

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh Karen, your photos of these precious ones are fabulous. I know you will give little TJ lots of TLC in between all the other things you do during the day. Happy painting.

MollyBee said...

The little beagle puppy looks like Rags when he was a puppy. So cute.

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

oh heavens,,,am I ever glad I live thousands of miles away from this puppy project!!! I have already technically adopted two from a prior post and now I would adopt all of these guys...heck ,,I´d need to build an addition to my home...your foto artistry doesn´t help any either...just makes them look all that much sweeter! Hope it was a good painting day for you too!

Robbie said...

Thank heaven for angels like you to help take care of these helpless animals!