Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter into Spring

Winter into Spring #1

This series of mixed media collages is about the transition from winter to spring. There are lingering winter snowflakes, mixed with the bright new greens of spring growth and an early blossom here and there.

The collages include hand painted and printed papers and cloth, and also incorporate pieces of some of my watercolor paintings. If you'd like to see the entire series, please click here.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Karen, your series is beautiful. Do you make a series of collages and sell them individually rather than sell the original and prints of the same one? I'm trying to learn how different artists sell their work. I am nowhere ready to sell to the masses; I am getting individual sales and I donate alot to charities right now. Getting ones name out there is important, too.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

I do not sell prints. I enjoy creating originals and think that making prints would not be satisfying to me. Plus I like to own originals, not prints, so I figure most of my patrons probably feel the same way.