Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last of the Leaves

5" x 5"

This is the last of the leaf watercolors that I have been working on. I'm packing my watercolors away for a while, so I can work on some mixed media collages. I seem to cycle through phases in the studio, and I feel like it is time to let the watercolors rest.

I am painting cloth and canvas now and contemplating a series of collages that incorporate cloth as well as bits of unsuccessful watercolors. I still have leaves on my mind, so these collages will probably have a neutral palette.

Once the trees start changing colors, I'm sure I will be working in brighter colors. I seem to be inspired to create a new "Autumn" series each year, and I can already feel that in my heart this year as well. It is such fun to be an artist with natural inspiration all around!


Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

This is wonderful!!!...oh the cutie on the last post...woof, woof...toooo cute!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Karen..I thought this was a macro photo; it's awesome.

Elaine Millar said...

beautiful work!

YellowLemon in WhiteWorld said...

this painting looks real....nice piece