Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Frustration and Inspiration

Yesterday was not a successful day in the studio. I am struggling with technical difficulties on my new series of leaf pieces, and I'm not sure what to try next. I have this vision in my head though, and I'm not ready to give up on it.

Instead, I decided to take a break and "fill the well". When I am stymied in the studio, I switch gears, and usually photography is my favorite friend. We went out to the farm last night to pick sweet corn, and I brought my camera. The layers of greens in the fields were glorious, and I came home refreshed and renewed and ready to work in the studio again this morning.


Gerrie said...

I am inspired so much by these photos. I love the lines created by the crops and the topography.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

I totally agree! As soon as I saw the landscape of the fields and terraces, my studio frustration evaporated, and new inspiration was born!

Aleh Barahona said...

:) so beautiful, it's so amazing. I love it!! Congrats!

Charlene said...

Those pictures are like the poem I wrote Thursday after driving up I-65 north. Corn growing tall with tassels, and on the highway I saw breaks in it as soybeans had been planted. I so wanted to be able to fly above and see the patterns created by the changes in green!

Lovely photos.