Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Trip Around The World

No, unfortunately I haven't won the lottery and booked a ticket around the world. Instead, this little guy, "Cute Potatoe", is going to travel the world, and he will be making a stop in the midwest. Artist Beate Knappe, in Dusseldorf Germany, created this guy, and she asked for volunteer hostesses for his travel around the world. Beate is a friend, so of course I volunteered to host him for a while. I plan to show him the sights in the midwest USA before sending him off to Australia for the next leg of his journey. I don't know how long he plans to travel, but I do know that I am envious of his itinerary.


MollyBee said...

How cute is he. I wonder if he would like a traveling companion. I've heard I am easy to travel with.

Rin said...

Perhaps two? Lucky little potato!