Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Perfect Day

Do you ever have those days when you know, without looking, that the stars have to be perfectly aligned? Today was one of those days for me. I had a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist, and it was good news all around to start my day. So I celebrated by buying a new pair of high tech walking shoes (on sale). Then I got the stepping stones put in two of my gardens, and they look great. So I went back out to do a little more shopping. I actually found sheers to match my living room drapes --- I have been looking for these for about 6 months, so this was a great find. Then I stopped at my favorite coffee shop for an iced mocha expresso. What a fabulous day!


Gerrie said...

Smiling with you.

zquilts said...

You deserve day's like that! I love the photos of the Goldfinch - they are one of the most cheerful birds I know of! Great news from the doc - celebrate more!

MollyBee said...

I am hoping for a day when my stars are aligned as yours. Hopefully on May 11th.

Congratulations on your success!

renea said...

Hi Karen,

Sooo glad to hear you had a good report from your cardiologist! It's a day to celebrate! Blessings to you,

Theresa said...

Absolutely fantastic day Karen! Anytime I can combine shopping/gardening/coffee is fabulous for sure!