Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Day on the Farm

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to take my new camera out to the farm and try it out on some of the rural scenery. This little chickadee was perched in the trumpet vine and let me shoot numerous photos of him before he flew off.

Here is the top of the windmill by the house. It still functions like new. This farm is a "century farm", meaning that it has been in the family for over 100 years.

Here's one of the wheels on a farm wagon. The snow is about 2' deep here, and I don't think this wagon is going anywhere for another couple of months or so.

A splash of color ---- this is the inside of the wheel on a John Deere tractor ---- the only brand of tractor allowed on this farm.

And finally, the water pump. This is still used to pump water for the gardens and bushes.


layers said...

such a wealth of old, weathered, rusty, worn, -- all of my favorite surfaces and textures.

bailey said...

Hooray for new cameras. John has a 12 pixel one and the detail of rain on a leaf was just EVERYTHINGS just continue to improve. My favorite was that show off chickadee!

Gerrie said...

Wonderful photos!

Regina Dwarkasing said...

Hi Karen,

Beautiful pictures. Loved to see the agricultural subjects!

Regina, SXM

Walk in the Woods said...

Very, very nice. Something in the wind and wagon wheels really resonates for me - aside from being fantastic photos, that is.