Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watercolor Shell Fragments


Another watercolor painting --- this one is of some shell fragments that were on the beach at Asilomar. I enjoy painting close ups of objects, rather than entire scenes. It is amazing to me that I enjoy realistic watercolor painting, when most of my other art is very abstract. I guess this is the medium that provides my balance.


bailey said...

Do you just sit down and whip these out? They are amazingly detailed and so like a PHOTOGRAPH! Very, very beautiful.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Hahaha....I wish it were that simple! I start with a rough sketch and make notes about which areas need to be worked first, second, etc. Each watercolor takes several days to complete. This is only the second one that I’ve completed recently, but I do have one of Zeke in progress. There is something very zen about watercolor painting, and it is especially enjoyable when the rest of my life is chaotic.

Sandy said...

The light is so perfect in this. You can feel the heat of the beach and hear the sound of the waves lapping.

Even several days is rather quick for something this detailed. Well done!
Sandy in the UK

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Thanks, Sandy! I love painting close ups in detail with watercolor. I think that is what gets me in “zen mode”. It takes total concentration, unlike collage or textile painting. I can spend hours on one small section, yet the time seems to fly by. said...

It's hard to let it sink in that this is a painting. It is so realistic, so detailed, I "knew" it was the photo inspiration for a painting. But it really is a painting. Amazing! You have many talents, Karen. Well done!

Seth said...

Amazing. Talk about photo realism!