Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Fine Print


This collage practically made itself on Monday morning. The background is a photo of a stone wall that another workshop participant gave me (sorry I don't remember who), and the strips of color are actually torn from a photo of women's dresses, then turned sideways. Collage operates under the same theory as fabric painting --- you don't have to like or use the whole piece; cut it into pieces or strips, and you will start to see endless possibilities. Once I decided to use "The Fine Print:" lettering, I had to go back in and add some small text to the background.

P.S. Go Tigers! Congratulations to the LSU Tigers on becoming the 2009 National Champions at last night's final game of this year's College World Series!

1 comment:

Mary Buek said...

I like the lettering on the stones. . . very cool.