Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

The morning has started off great with new sprouts in the indoor garden station. The California Poppies have popped up through the soil overnight. I also spied a few basil and lavender and sage barely breaking through the soil. The leaf lettuce continues to thrive, and yesterday I was given a starter pot of newly sprouted chives.

Outside, the Martha's Vineyard rose is starting to get new growth in the front rock garden. In the back gardens, chives, columbines, bleeding hearts, miniature hollyhocks and sedum are all coming along great. The forsythias are still blooming, and the lilacs are leafing out. Life is good!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

My CA poppies also popped up through the cover of leaves, and the daffs are about to bloom. But nothing else is looking much like spring. I am SOOO ready!