Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Collage Journey


What a journey these daily collages are turning out to be! It is freeing to try out new color combinations and techniques with little worry about failure. If it is really bad, no one will ever see that day's collage; if it is semi-bad, I try a new approach the next day; and sometimes they are just fun to make without any concern about whether or not they are good.

The dark purple in this collage is a gelatin print on watercolor paper, and the whitish rectangle on top of it is a purple and black monoprint on watercolor paper. The text was stamped with two different rubberstamps, and the bits of blue paper are torn off pieces from another collage. No heavy meaning to this collage, just fun to assemble the colors and textures.

1 comment:

Sue B said...

love this! fabulous combination of colors.