Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mourning Doves

Every year we have at least one pair of mourning doves that nest in our yard and hang out on our deck. We have a scattering of bushes and trees for cover and nesting, plus we offer fresh food and water every day. Not a bad life, as they undoubtedly have discovered.

Mourning doves mate for life. Usually they lay 2 eggs at a time and will hatch several pairs of youngsters each season. Every year we look forward to seeing the young doves venturing out in the yard and at the feeder. These photos are this year's first set of adults to nest in our yard. Here they're sitting contentedly on our deck railing in the sun.

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Mary Buek said...

Are these the doves that make that haunting coo sound? We have them, too. Good birds, not like those nasty blue jays.