Sunday, March 22, 2009


Zeke loves to chew on drawstrings and strips of fabric that have knots tied in them. The downside is that he wants someone to hold the other end for him as he chews. Usually this is no big deal, but yesterday I didn't have time to sit for an hour and hold the other end of this drawstring for him. So..... I tied it around a bookshelf post, and he was entertained for an hour trying to pull and chew it off. Eventually he got the knots undone and successfully pranced off with his prize. It takes so little to amuse him!

And I am not much better. Someone mentioned a fun software program called Corel Painter Essentials, so I downloaded a trial version of it. What fun! You open a photo file, and the software will convert it to look like a painting. It actually is very realistic, and it's fun to watch it create the painting brushstroke-by-brushstroke. Above is the first one I did from a photo of Zeke in the backyard. You don't want to know how much time I spent playing with this software. Guess I am easily amused, too!

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