Sunday, February 15, 2009



Yellow is sunshine and laughter and moonbeam coreopsis. Two days ago we got almost a foot of snow, and today it is warm enough that I was working in the gardens in a denim shirt. What a fabulous day!


Margaret Ryall said...

Working in the garden... I'm full of envy. My garden will be white for two more months at least. This work is so bright and cheery that it gives me a lift today. It's snowing, It's always snowing. Thanks for the lift.

Mary Buek said...

Karen, I heard you guys got a bunch of snow; we missed it completely, but it was cold. I'm aching to get into the garden, too. Soon, I hope. . .lovely collage for spring-like mood.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

We still have several inches of snow on the ground as well, but the weather was beautiful that day. I pruned a few things in the gardens, nothing major. It just felt great to be outside for a change!