Saturday, February 07, 2009

Junk Mail


Even though we don't sign up for these mailings, I feel guilty about the amount of junk mail that we receive and subsequently toss. Sometimes I use bits and pieces in my collages, as a means of recycling some of it. The majority of yesterday's collage is from a sale flyer that was in the mail, paired with a scrap of a brown paper bag.


Marg in Mirror said...

Great idea! Alas, being a fibre (i.e. fabric/floss/yarn) artist, I frequently toss the paper end of things into my recylcing box. I really must work more on a 'mixed media' approach!


bailey said...

I do this, too, although I do it when I am extremely frustrated creatively because of boring LIFE stuff getting in the way--so I'll just dig around in the wastebasket until I find some cool stuff and make a picture. It is VERY cathartic..and quick. Although my finished product is not anything as wonderful as yours, it is still a PRODUCT!
LOL, vicki

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...
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