Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Observations #2
11" x 11"

Observations #5
11" x 11"

One thing about puppies --- they give you a reason to take walks, no matter what the weather is like. At first I was not too enthusiastic about walks in pouring rain or bitter cold winter winds, but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy it now. It has given me opportunities to observe many facets of nature that I otherwise would have missed. My newest series is inspired by these observations, hence the title of the series. Click here to see the first six pieces.


Vivien said...

These pieces are beautiful, Karen. Can't wait to see what other pieces are inpsired by your walks.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Karen,
I'm just wild about your new artwork. It really speaks to me. They look like an invitation to observe, to stop and take a closer look.
You've inspired me to go take a walk and take a close look at nature.

Dale Anne Potter said...

Am LOVING these Observations....!!!!
Are they framed or do people frame them themselves?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Neither rain, nor sleet nor gloom of night...You'd think dogs had taken the postal oath! I've had the same experience as you, a dog getting me out in all kinds of weather day and night to witness the most extraordinary things.

Twisted Sister said...

These are beautiful - such great designs and colors. Love the text too. Thanks so much for sharing - I think you are on a very creative roll. Dog inspired work gets my vote.
Jamie, Bandit and Murphy