Monday, June 09, 2008

More Black & White

Yesterday I started working on the next two "name" collages. After I had the names printed in black ink on white paper, I realized that I didn't have any other black & white papers to include in the collages. Into the paint studio I went and painted some white papers with black paint. Above is a scan of four of the designs that I painted. I will only use one, or possibly two, of these in the collages I am currently working on, but the rest will go into my paper stash for future collages.

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Kim Hambric said...

There is something so necessary about black and white together. I am always trying to inject a bit into my artwork.

I have often had commissions from those who have seen a piece of mine & want something like it, larger or smaller, and they ask me to remove the black and white pieces. I do, show them the result, and also show them what the piece would look like with the black and white fabrics added. They always go back to black and white.

Such a simple combination, but always adds texture and complexity. I can't live without it.