Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gallery Hopping in Lincoln, Nebraska

Yesterday a friend and I took a "renew the soul" day and visited several gallery exhibitions in Lincoln, Nebraska.

First stop was the new International Quilt Study Center. "Quilts in Common" was the first exhibition there, and it featured quilts from around the globe and across the centuries. The quilts were grouped in sets of 3, and each group of 3 quilts had a common element. This exhibition will be on display until August 17, 2008.

The second exhibit at the International Quilt Study Center was "Nancy Crow: Cloth, Culture, Context". This exhibition traces Nancy's career as an art quilter and shows the evolution of her quilting style.
This exhibition will be on display until August 31, 2008.

Next stop was the Lux Center for the Arts, where there were two more exhibits. The first exhibit was "Distinctive Directions: 2008 Curated Textile Art Invitational". This exhibit was curated by Lisa Call and featured artwork by Deidre Adams, Joanie San Chirico, Jeanne Williamson and Pam RuBert.

Two works by Deidre Adams

Three works by Joanie San Chirico

Four works by Jeanne Williamson

Three works by Pam RuBert

The second exhibit at the Lux Center for the Arts was "Fencing In or Keeping Out", a solo exhibition of work by Lisa Call. Yesterday was the closing day for both of the exhibits at the Lux Center.

Three works by Lisa Call

Our final gallery for the day was Modern Arts Midwest, which was featuring "The Life In A Day", new work by Michael James. This exhibit was extremely intriguing for me. Each piece combined digital images printed with reactive dyes on cotton. The more I looked at each piece, the more the image details fascinated me. All in all, an inspiration-filled day shared with a good friend --- just what I needed!

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kathy said...

I'm curious...these are hung so...invisibly. I can't see any kind of hanging apparatus. Do you know how they were hung? Sounds like a great day too!