Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take Charge

This morning's collage is a great reminder to take charge of your artistic career --- set goals, prioritize those goals, and start on the steps to achieve them. It is equally important to limit those distractions that sidetrack you from reaching your goals.

Too many artists start out accepting every exhibition proposal that is sent to them. For me, it is important to spend my studio time making art that is meaningful to me, not art that fits an upcoming exhibition. So, I've learned to "take charge" and say no if the exhibition doesn't fit my goals. It is actually quite liberating!


Carmen said...

I love this collage and the message it sends. Very nice.

Artopia said...

Karen, the collage 'take Charge rang a few bells for me as l started the year with a huge list of shows and when l saw that if l got a piece in, it would be missing for two years so never sent it and have gone through a lot on the list and after reading have decided not to send more that three and the three are textile art and what l like.
I agree a lot send something to every show and l know it might feel good and you can put it on your website but after doing a happy dance on your groups what else is left after you have done hours and hours of work.
I am going back to textile art my first love and do what l want to do not others. I forgot another thing you get is a rejection form,!!!!