Sunday, November 11, 2007

On The Needles

I don't get much, if any, knitting done in the spring and summer --- I'd much rather be outside gardening or dyeing and painting cloth and yarns. But now that the weather has turned chilly, I've gotten out my yarns and needles. First project.... knit some hats for the hospital's NICU. I got a call that they are running low on hats, so these are the two that I've made this weekend.

Update on Zeke --- he is up to 4 pounds now and very, very playful. He is quickly assuming his place as "Prince of the House", and all who enter are succumbing to his charms. In the photo is his new toy --- a doughnut-shaped rawhide chew toy. This is a much better alternative than fingers and toes, which are his chew toys of choice.

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alice said...

Zeke is SO cute! Alyssa & I have been watching him grow. Is he old enough for a playdate with Casey?