Saturday, October 13, 2007


Ever have one of those days when the stars are perfectly aligned, and everything you touch is magic? Today is such a day for me. I am working on a new piece, and I have used both of the new sets of paint/ink in the photo above for the first time. Each color and medium reacted just as I hoped, and the finished result was exactly as I envisioned.

Then once I had the piece stitched together, I tempted fate once more. I decided to screenprint on top of the work with a design that would either give it just the look I wanted or totally trash the piece. Once again, it worked beautifully. I almost think I should go buy a boatload of lottery tickets --- but instead I am going to call the piece finished and thank the powers that be for being on my side today!

P.S. The top set is Dr. Ph. Martin's India inks --- set of 12 colors. The bottom set is Golden's Select Professional Fluid Acrylics --- set of 8 colors. Both are great additions to my studio!

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