Wednesday, September 12, 2007


When we got Zeke last week, we quickly discovered that he doesn't like going out early in the morning. The grass is wet with dew, and it is cold --- our temps have been around 40 degrees overnight. So when I set him down in the grass, he makes a beeline for the sidewalk and sits there shivering. When Mom heard that, she immediately decided that he needed a sweater to keep him warm on his morning outings. Above is Zeke modelling his new puppy sweater. (And you thought Jim and I were the only ones spoiling him!?!?!)

P.S. Yes, that is a leaf in his mouth. So far it is the only thing in the yard smaller than him, so he chases them, pounces on them, and parades around with them in his mouth like he has really caught a prize!

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k baxter packwood said...

Just wait until it snows! I find myself shoveling snow so my little princess doesn't get snow frozen to her tooshie - otherwise she won't go outside. She sure loves playing in the stuff though.