Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Saga of the Ears

When we first got Zeke, both of his ears were still flopped down. We were told that his ears should stand up eventually, and that is the standard for the silky terrier breed. After a couple of weeks, both ears were indeed standing up. In the last few days, one of his ears has decided to flop back down. Not that any of this matters to us, but it is interesting to see the changes in his look due to the position of his ears.

P.S. He is just as ornery regardless of whether his ears are up or down!


rosemary said...

Hi Karen, He's a doll, no matter what. I used to raise German Shepherd dogs, and they HAD to have stand up ears as adults. Like your pup, they stared out down, then one up, one down, alternating for about a year, before they'd finally stand on their own. Other breeders suggested we gently massage the ears to stimulate circulation, and to straighten the ear if it folded in an awkward position. You might enjoy massaging the ear, just for the pleasure of it for him, and you. FWIW. Rosemary

Elizabeth said...

Hi Karen!
We have a mutt- rat terrier/blue healer mix named Pper. One of her ears stands straight up and the other flops about half way- so at a 90 degree angle. She can rotate that ear independantly like a radar screen! that ear gives her soooo much personality and gets her lots of attention. Maybe Zeke thinks that he is cuter with one ear down and one ear up!!! They do love to manipulate us!!!
He is absolutely adorable!!! i'd take the ornery little cus off your hands in a split second!!!!!


shirley said...

Ha-Ha! Karen, that little picture is so cute, and who knew about the ears until you told us?