Friday, July 13, 2007

Garden Tour

The clematis blossoms have totally covered the arbor now, and even the college guys next door have remarked about how beautiful they are. The arbor is at the entrance to my favorite garden in the yard.

Next in the garden after the clematis covered arbor are the groups of moonbeam coreopsis. I have to confess that these were originally planted for the dyepots, but now I love the delicate leaves and flowers. Later today these will all get harvested to start new dyepots, but by tomorrow morning, the plants will be covered in blossoms again.

After the moonbeam coreopsis is another of my favorites --- the Joseph's Coat rose. It struggled when I first planted it in the spring, but some extra special care has brought it around, and it is now growing and blooming. The roses on this particular variety range from yellow to pink to orange.

This is also the garden that has my obos sitting on a piece of driftwood. All in all, my favorite area of the yard!

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