Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hollyhocks and Coasters

This is the newest bloomer in my garden --- miniature hollyhocks. I started these from seed after seeing them in my father-in-law's garden last year. I love the colors, and they only get about 15-18" tall. These are in a garden beside our back patio.

And these are a project that I finished today........drink coasters. I started making them for my sister, who let it be known (and not too subtly either) that she wanted some quilted coasters. However, I think they may be a bit too "artsy" for her, so they may end up in my basket of coasters while I make her a different set. Except for the striped fabric, the fabrics are dyed and painted, and I used a multicolored yarn around the edges of the coasters.

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katelnorth said...

They aren't too arty for me :) Seriously, though, you've just given me an idea for Christmas presents for miscellaneous people next year - I did some coasters once a long time ago, but I can certainly drag the idea out again - and this time, more arty... Thanks!