Sunday, May 06, 2007

Opening Reception

Yesterday I traveled to Norfolk, NE to see the opening of "Virginia A. Spiegel: Boundary Waters". Virginia is a good friend, and I was excited to see her newest work.

Above is a photo of Virginia with my favorite piece in the exhibition. She captured the peacefulness of the water and trees beautifully, and her love of the boundary waters was very evident in this exhibition.

I also had an "aha" moment when I saw her use of Shiva paint sticks to write on black cloth. Until this point, I had only seen these paint sticks used for rubbings, and I wasn't that impressed with them. Using them to journal on cloth inspires some fascinating possibilities though.


Tomme said...

I was so sorry to miss the opening! I chickened out about driving through the heavy rain and thunderstorms with DH out of town and no one to call if I got into trouble. Of course, the storms stopped right about 3:00 pm!

katelnorth said...

Thanks for sharing your Aha! moment - it's an Aha! for me too - never thought about just writing with them...