Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another Project Underway

Here is another stretching exercise that I have been putting off working on. I am so used to working with my own painted and dyed fabrics that I dread even trying to work with other fabrics.

This project is with two other artists. We each sent a package of fabrics and embellishments to the other two artists. The guidelines are that we use only the materials in the package to create a postcard for each artist. Below is a scan of the fabrics and embellishments that I received from artist #1.

And here are two of the postcards that I created from her package of stuff. I'm not sure if I cheated by adding paint, but I don't think either of these artists will care.

Marbled Mystique #2

Marbled Mystique #3


kathy said...

Awesome work, Karen, even with other people's stuff! I would probably have to paint it too. I believe they will love it.

Judy Rys said...

Wonderful transformation.