Thursday, January 18, 2007


Currently, on the QuiltArt list, there is a discussion about scrim and cheesecloth and dyeing, so I thought I would post some photos. Below is a small sampling of the scrim and cheesecloth that I have dyed. It takes the dye very well --- both Procion MX dyes and natural dyes.

This photo (below) is a detail shot to show the difference in the weave of cheesecloth vs. scrim. The top purple cloth is cheesecloth, while the bottom green cloth is scrim.


Sue B said...

I always thought that they were the exact same thing but now I see that scrim has a tighter weave. Thanks for posting these pictures!

Rufus and Ann said...

I am on the hunt for some scrim to far haven't been very lucky in finding a source.

StegArt said...

I thought the same as Sue B. And it looks like Ann can't find scrim...I wonder if this is available in the USA? Thanks for the comparison photo.