Monday, December 18, 2006

New Work


I have been working on some new pieces, and I hit a roadblock last Friday. So I set them aside and went back to this piece. I think it is done now, except for edge finishing. I tried a binding --- wrong look --- so now I am contemplating matting it for framing. Any other suggestions?

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The Idaho Beauty said...

There are those who sew on binding, then pull it all the way around to the back so it doesn't show. Haven't tried that myself, but in demos staystitching is sometimes used and corners have to be clipped before turning.

Or you could try putting it right sides together with a piece of fabric that has a turning slit cut it in (either where it would be covered up by a sleeve or label). Sew all way around, turn through slit. You may need to run a few quilting stitches to keep the new backing from sagging, or you could stabilize it first with an iron on like Decor-Bond. I've had good results with that.

However you choose to finish it, it is a wonderful piece. It floats!