Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tyvek Beads

Ever have one of those days when you've just finished some new artwork and you're feeling pretty good about it and life and you're ready to just play for the afternoon? Well, today was one of those days. I'd recently read about painting tyvek and melting it to make beads, so I decided this afternoon was a good time to try it out. I painted pieces of tyvek in various color combinations, then cut it in strips or wedges and wound it around a piece of thick wire. Then I melted it with a heat gun. Once the beads were cooled, I added some paint to some of them using a dry brush technique. Above is a photo of the afternoon's results.


Carol said...

These are lovely Karen, Gorgeous colours.
If you use Metallic thread you can wrap it round the beads and it doesn't melt when you heat them.
Try some Treasure Gold on your finger and brush the edges, looks lovely

alice said...

Great look to the beads. I've been making some beads from fabric scraps using similar construction techniques. I wrap around a coffee stirrer to create the hole. alice