Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who Lives Here?

As I sit here in the living room this morning, drinking my second cup of coffee and surveying the sights, I have to chuckle and be thankful that you are a fellow artist and will understand the state of this house. My beautiful handmade mahogany coffee table is totally covered with yellow marigold blossoms, drying out for the dyepots. The fireplace mantle has numerous skeins of yarn hanging from it --- various shades of yellows and oranges from the summer cosmos and coreopsis dyepots. On the floor is a huge sandwiched art quilt, waiting for inspiration to strike concerning a quilting design. In the dining room I have a gorgeous cherrywood dining room set, only right now it has a thermofax machine sitting at one end of it, and the rest of it is covered with woodcut prints laid out to dry. The kitchen is no better. The sink is full of painting utensils, washed but not put away. The breakfast bar is covered with four small wallhangings that I painted this morning, waiting for the paint to dry so they can be heatset. (You would think I don't have a paint studio!) Outside the deck is covered with dyepots, and jars of more flowers and leaves for dyeing, and the clothesline has even more yarn skeins hanging to dry. And all of this is before you ever look in either of my studios! Lucky for me, you will understand and appreciate all of this. Anyone else would think a lunatic lives here!

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