Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sore Shoulders & Wrists

As some of you know, I love working with wood almost as much as I love working with fiber. This love sometimes makes me do crazy things --- like bring home pieces of furniture that needs lots of work just because I can imagine how magnificent they once looked. My current project is an antique mahogany dropleaf dining room table that was given to me recently. It has scratches and water stains on the top. But it was FREE, and it is MAHOGANY. Both words that I have a hard time resisting, especially when they relate to a piece of antique furniture. So now I am in the process of sanding it in order to refinish it as a sewing table. And my shoulders and wrists are sore. But it is a good kind of sore --- one that comes with a certain amount of pride at how the table is turning out.

P.S. I'll be sure to post photos when it is done.

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Anonymous said...

Please post pictures as you go along, I'd love to see the progress of your mahogany piece.

Jan P.