Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last night the temperatures here dropped into the 40's. This morning it was still a tad bit chilly when Zeke and I went for our morning walk. As you can see, Zeke has the perfect solution --- burrow under the covers for as long as possible!

Add on:
Several of you have emailed about the quilt that Zeke is on, so here are some photos of it. It was one of the few bed quilts I ever made, and I think it was a Karen Stone pattern that I used with a few modifications.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paste-Up 2010

The Fallen
8"h x 5.5"w
$200 (matted and framed to 15" x 12")

I am very pleased that The Fallen will be included in Paste-Up 2010. This is a juried exhibition of small format collages, and each year they have some fabulous collages on display.

Paste-Up 2010
ALL Arts Gallery
Lowell, Massachusetts
June 26, 2010 - July 18, 2010
Opening reception: June 26, 2010 2-5pm